Car Wash Equipment

Windtrax, Inc. has the quality equipment you need to make your car wash run smoothly. If you need equipment for your self-service wash, automatic car wash or your tunnel wash, Windtrax has it or can get it. We install and make equipment for single to up to 12-bay self-service washes & in-bay automatics. Beside stand-alone carwashes, we also install in apartment complexes, fire stations, car dealerships, car rental businesses — anywhere a wash is needed!


Windtrax Equipment is quality car wash equipment made to your specifications.

We can make and supply!

  • Hi-pressure Prep Units
  • One and Two-gun Prep Systems
  • Wall Mount Low Pressure Systems (pre-soak, foam brush, tire & engine)
  • Belt-drive and Direct-drive Units
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Triple-color Foam Brush Systems

 Windtrax also carries and distributes . . .

  • Washworld Automatics: Washworld, Inc. manufactures in-bay touch-free automatics (Razor TM and the Revv TM), soft touch in-bay friction equipment (the Profile TM), and their newest equipment package, the Razor EDGE.
  • Belanger, Inc.: Express and Full-Service Tunnel Equipment.
  • All Paws Pet Wash: Whether you are looking to start a business or add-on to an existing one, All Paws equipment from Windtrax will meet all your pet washing needs. Maximize profits in your existing space or put in a modular All Paws Pet wash.
  • Ginsan Equipment: Meter Boxes, Reverse Osmosis, and Vend-It from Ginsan.