Windtrax Repair Services

Windtrax has the knowledge, experience and car wash parts to service and repair your carwash. Let Windtrax be your one stop shop for service & repair. We stock thousands of parts and supplies needed to repair and service your car wash. Our service technicians have the experience in repairing and servicing automatic car washes, self-service car washes, pumps, pay system repair and installation, RO systems, dryer repair, etc. They will arrive in their fully stocked trucks to repair or service your carwash.

Our technicians are trained in-house and by our many vendors. We pride ourselves on having experienced service technicians who can repair

and service all aspects of the carwash. We offer after-hours repair service in the evenings and on the weekends. Our salesmen can also offer expertise on the phone during the day.

Repair and Service contracts available give us a call!